Sunday, May 27, 2012

Poop like an African

Being enlightened on such topics as the medical industry, real health care, and the state of the human race and it's health is so burdening. Going through the grocery store I literally WONT eat 99.5% of the food there. It makes me sick, everyone and their diet coke and meat.  Ignorant as they may be, most people I try to tell shrug these things off. I knew a mother whose child had ADHD and was hallucinating off his numerous meds, saying " He wanted to go to heaven to be with his Grandpa" This child would drink soda all day long, candy, gum, had a whole goody cart they could eat anything off of. I told her about sodium benzoate and high fructose corn syrup and also organics. The mother was stubborn like most people I try  to tell, because no one wants to feel like they are doing the wrong thing for their kids. This it's "just soda" attitude is making our children an obese and sick generation.

We cannot ignore the rampant disease spreading through the modern civilized world. Heart disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Asthma, Fibromyalgia, MS, the list goes on. These are all diseases the medical world is just acting like they are "working on". Um, somethings not fucking working here, because we're all sick fat and tired. We live in a country where some red headed clown brainwashes our children on tv with cheeseburgers, and then ignores the massive amount of unhealthy children. And then what do we do, we defend it with our lives. I guess some people don't like me robbing my children of American toddler right of passage crappy "birthday party" diet. People think the children are deprived of some sort of dietary dreamland or something. My children have so much more to do and become than sick and fat.  I refuse to for the sake of a standard American childhood buy my children a crappy "treat" at the store. (Or conform to any tradition I see unhealthy or not in my morals.) A treat doesn't have to be toxic and have a negative impact on your child's health. I can make it myself healthier and as tasty and the children will have fun making everything together as a family from scratch and enjoying their labors. Family makes a beautiful childhood not junk food.

I am not saying "HEY YOU GO VEGAN OR DIE" I am a fake ass vegan anyways, we eat honey (gasp!)But I am saying, get off your behind and look into some real food for those growing children who need it. Look into how cancer has been cured so many times over, every time I see a new cancer cure, I go "Another?" THERE ARE SO MANY. Heart disease is a DIET RELATED DISEASE, and can be reversed even at late stages through diet alone. I watch so many people I know and their families are sick, and they think its normal stages of life. My dad and grandma just got their gallbladders removed, and so many people I found out that I know have gotten it removed. All it took was five minutes of research to find that this is from eating a meat and dairy based fatty STANDARD AMERICAN DIET.  We are just taking out organs that we need, and acting like that's fine. That isn't okay, your organs are there for a reason, removing an organ will never fix the problem it just fixes symptoms.

And then there is the Western Medical Doctor. Ugh. I am sorry but what a load of shit. We all follow these doctors blindly as they prescribe us toxic drugs to "fix" problems.Were treating symptoms here not the root cause. I am sorry but this is IRRESPONSIBLE MEDICINE. They gave my sister 16 doses of penicillin when she was in labor, as a preventative measure. When her son had a fungal rash they tried to prescribed more antibiotics, then wouldn't touch the subject of probiotics with a ten foot pole. Not even a pharmacist would. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia when I was 17 and I believed these doctors were doing what was best for me.  Antidepressants, muscle relaxers, sleeping pills, anti-seizure meds, you fucking name it they prescribed it. Turns out my nephew and I both needed probiotcs to cure us of a fungal problem that 90% of Americans have without knowing.

I cured my fibromyalgia after I found out about yeast (candida) overgrowth. This was due to the use of antibiotics causing yeast overgrowth that feeds on the Standard American Diet (Sugar and Carbs) until it is systemic. Jenny Mcarthy says she cured her sons Autism with probiotics and a candida regimen. Cancer and candida is another corrolation to seriously look into. Doctors wont even talk about nutrition and have no idea the implications of ignoring diet because they just aren't trained in nutrition (around 4% are trained in nutrition). They are MEDICAL doctors, the prescribe MEDICINE, and go to MEDICAL schools in which just teach what "big pharma" sells to them) It is criminal if you ask me.

So where do you start? Your body tells you so much about what is going on. Your poop, skin and teeth  weight and energy levels reveal your health. I once read about this African tribe who pooped 4 times a day and had like no cancer.(big long healthy poops too) The whole American sitting on the toilet reading really working hard to poop is just gross. If your not pooping at least once a day or your straining while pooping, your eating wrong. Pay attention to the state of your health. Just because everyone else is getting the same problems doesnt mean its normal.

The everyday products you use in the house also matter

Number one thing to do for your family to get on track with your health is switch to an organic, whole food diet. Look up super foods. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, seeds and nuts. Preservatives and artificial colorings and flavorings are widely overused and shouldn't be ANYWHERE in your families diets. I can only think of one processed food we eat which is a rice noodle and the ingredients are "RICE, WATER". Find the diet that feels right for you, don't go against your instincts. Hopefully your instincts aren't telling you to get a value meal though.

Written by Haley


I will say this is what I have implemented in my families way of thinking and diets to benefit us in life, if you catch my drift.

The Jenny Mcarthy Interview(A MUST READ)--

 I dont use ANY product with artificial frangrance-

Watch food inc. and food matters they changed my perception on food altogether they are on netflix and easy to stream online and also worth buying.

Research for yourself to get a balanced educated knowledge of nutrition and its importance and take charge of your families health.

*Rant Over*

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