Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Beeing Vegan, where's the love?

My family eats a very healthy diet. We choose to not eat meat, dairy, wheat, sugar, soy, corn, canola and other animal products. Nothing processed. We shop at the farmer's markets, buy local and organic and have compiled healthy recipes we cook from scratch. We considered ourselves vegan, or veg-ish. We already knew that we were self-loathing vegans, but now we know that we indeed will never bee vegan enough, and we wouldn't want to bee.

                               We eat honey. Its healthy, raw, and local yummy. 


We joined an unschooling vegan group on Facebook, Free Range Families. I introduced myself and said I eat a vegan diet except for  honey. The admin of the group was venomous (which isn't vegan) called vegetarians cunts, among a plethora of other profanities.They also created a facebook "War" which was a thread of vegan vs vegetarian unschoolers, where they insulted and kicked people from the group based on their not strictly vegan diets.  They kicked my sister and I out... for eating honey.
                                                  They were Vegan Nazis. 

 I think veganism is a wonderful thing, but it doesn’t give people the right to stop treating human beings decently. Vegetarianism and Veganism already have a bad enough reputation, people think we are pompous and unhealthy, and that we don’t live life to the fullest  (because we don’t eat cheeseburgers or whatever.)  So now vegans and vegetarians aren’t friends? Over an egg or honey?  Seriously?? That is not progressive and  just stupid.


Well first off, Veganism is kind of bullcrap, there are just a few loopholes. Let's explore!

-1/3 of the Produce in America ISN'T vegan
There are not enough bees to pollinate all the plants due to declining bee populations,                  so farmers will rent bees from beekeepers by the truckload, for the farming season. 

-Anesthesia and many other meds.

-Engine oil, gasoline, and tires (even on your bicycle) are not vegan.

-Tattoos aren't vegan. 

-Most Beers and Wines (fish-bladder?)

-Pet food (your pets aren't vegan)

                         So in this very non vegan world, what are vegans to do?
                                      Why do we even choose this lifestyle?                                                            
                                                Simple: health and ethics.

The fight isn't about what YOU are eating that offends ME. Nope. We should be fighting for food and health. Stop calling people names who don't eat what you eat. Everyone is in a different place in their life journey, nobody is going to mirror you exactly and do what your doing at the same exact time your doing it.              

There is a big problem with Genetically Modified Crops, chemical fertilizers and pesticides. I believe Genetically Modified Crops are FAR worse for your health and the planet than meat.  I don’t see the point of quitting meat and switching to horrid GMO soy products that ruin your health.  Humans are opportunist eaters,  which means that we are built for fruits, veggies and small amounts of seeds and nuts, and our systems can handle meat also if the situation arises that vegetation isn’t present. There is NO room for genetically modified crops in this food pyramid. So though I don’t agree, I live in reality which knows that everyone wont be vegan (though i feel its best for my family and the earth), not in this century, so why not spend my time promoting good whole organic diets, and fighting back against these large conglomerate mega companies who control our food supply, and deliver our families pesticide ridden, crap processed packaged “food” at the supermarket. I believe that this fight is a honorable, non-judgmental one for the earth and humanity.   

Next time we see someone eating a hotdog, we should skip the red paint can and discuss nitrates.
             By the way, the whole reason I joined the vegan family groups was to find support and ideas. As if the world isn't unwelcoming enough to people who eat this way, my children won't find support from vegans either. Bummer.
                                         NEWSFLASH: SOY ISN'T HEALTHY (but honey is!)



  1. I'm sorry that happened to you. Well, this is one vegan that is supportive. :-)

  2. I am on a similar vegan group on facebook and got into it with Lis about school vs unschool. I am vegan and I send my kids to public school as I believe my kids will do well wherever they are educated. I don't care whether people send their kids to school or not, but don't judge others who have differing views. Same thing goes for veganism. We don't need the vegan police as we are already hard enough on ourselves.

  3. http://www.vegetus.org/honey/honey.htm

  4. "So now vegans and vegetarians aren’t friends? Over an egg or honey? Seriously?? That is not progressive and just stupid.

    Well first off, Veganism is kind of bullcrap, there are just a few loopholes. Let's explore!"

    This article is a hypocritical pile of propaganda bullshit.

    1. The point is that some vegans within the vegan community have unrealistic expectations and have no room for acceptance of anything that isn't 100% vegan, including my children. Being strict and relentless isolates others who are trying and do care about food, animals, health and ethics.

    2. Why should those individuals accept your choices when those choices cause the enslavement of living creatures, thereby taking their choices away?

      You say vegans have unrealistic expectations. That is exactly what the meat eating majority says about the entire animal rights movement. You're perpetuating the ignorance and complicity. Our expectations are for humans to live without exploiting other living beings, which is entirely feasible, and would benefit humanity, non human animals, and the well being of the planet. The problem arises when people like you, like the meat eating majority, put your own tastes, habits, and convenience above the lives of others; and use fallacious arguments to justify it.