Saturday, May 12, 2012

Whats really wrong with full term "extended" breastfeeding

In my last post I was expressing my frustration of the reaction I receive in public nursing my four month old. Then the TIME magazine cover happend. I don't care as much about the front cover, or even whats inside the article as much as the opinions that everyone obviously had on the subject. I am reading thread after thread with horrid comments even moms and pro-breastfeeding people had nasty things to say. I had no idea that so much of the public has this mind set.I am even more passionate about advocating the education of breast feeding. This has really set a fire in me.

The real problem with extended breast feeding is actually the people who are against it. They have uneducated, stubborn, and ludicrous opinions on the subject. Google all of the sudden and all the information on the Internet is "not credible" while their years of parenting experience suddenly can discount thousands of years worth of human nature, scientific proof, as well as the support of many doctors. I also saw a few people just spew idiotic breastfeeding horror-folklore tales of addicted children, and sexually perverse mothers who like it. No one can tell you anything is wrong with extended breast feeding except people whose opinions are based on the fact that a child is using a part of a mother that they have sexual connotation towards so it makes them generally uncomfortable. So then comes feelings of disgust because our society is hyper sexual and puts so much emphasis towards breasts in the context of being sexy. And who loses? The babies of the mothers who will never even try to breastfeed because of societies close minded views.

The other thing is that most of these parents have had kids who have had extended binkies useage and then think extended nursing is an unhealthy attachment. WHAT?! It is a fake plastic nipple, that has health consequences NOT benefits, that is addictive, and just plain nasty in excess. Breastfeeding can be for comfort at those ages but still benefits the development of the mouth/teeth, is nutritious, and creates a healthy bond between mother and baby. Most people are allergic to cows milk and don't know it, the hormones in alot of it have shown to make girls go into puberty early. Their are so many health concerns with milk, while nothing but benefits with breast milk.Who cares if the baby can ask for it? When the baby cries because it pooped itself is it ready use the toilet instead?  It's called baby steps for a reason. Babies have teeth anywhere from birth- 12 months old, and some start solids anywhere from 3 months (wouldn't recommend it) to 9 months. Alot of babies can sign or ask for milk in the first 5 to 12 months.A fan of ours said she liked to refer to extended breastfeedig as full term breastfeeding because extended implies that you are drawing it out and lengthening it, which isn't true at all.We should be referring to it more as full term breastfeeding rather than extended.(a fan suggested this and I love it) The World Health Organization(WHO) recommends from 2-3 and beyond as child and mother see fit. The AAP sucks and I wont cite them ever. The world average for natural weaning is 4.5 years old.

 Lastly, the mothers of the extended breastfeeding toddlers, ARE ready for it to be over when it happens. I assure you that. They are ready for their bodies to be theirs again, they will miss it but not for perverted or over bearing reasons, but because of the benefits and happiness it brought the child. Breastfeeding isn't for the mother or for fun, it is for the child and we know that. Attachment parenting is about not forcing our children to or from us. Its about gentle, loving non controlling parenting, giving the child what he instinctively wants, which is his mother to listen to his needs.

P.S.- Michael Jordan was breastfed until 3 years old, so fuck off. I am pretty sure he is fine, obviously.

                                               A couple attachment parenting "experts"

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