Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Did PETA forget about the ethical treatment of WOMEN?

We are vegan women and are embarrassed to be represented this way by PETA.

This is the worst ad we have ever seen. It's worse than the Paris Hilton with the cheeseburger washing the Bentley. We hate that ad!

We were recently discussing writing a blog about the sexualization of food, specifically meats and how disgusting and hilarious it was that people are feeling frisky about eating a dead animal. We were happy to not be  included from the sexualized food media tactic. Phew! Until we saw the PETA ad... which is just as bad but exceptionally more awkward sexualization.

This ad has nothing to do with veganism. This is a misrepresentation of veganism. Celery being thrown at me isn't appetizing or demonstrate the diversity of a vegan diet.

This is a bad representation of people, food, heath, relationships and sexuality.
This ad depicts a woman injured in a neck brace, waddling looking mangled. Then shows a hole being patched in the wall, her in a doggie style sex position as the ad tells you about the libido spike and chalks it up to veganism.
The woman doesn't appear happy or healthy for most advertisement. She is wandering the streets injured and unclothed with sad music. If your sex life lands you in the state of this woman, it is unhealthy. The man had no compassion about her wellbeing and the whole ad was about meeting the needs of his vegan sex drive.
The ailment she had was called, "Boyfriend went vegan and knocked the bottom out of me"
I find this completely offensive. As confused as this nation is about sex this is not a goal we should have in our intimate relationships. Sex isn't measured by what is vigorous or painful. This 'bottom knocking out' business isn't a healthy depiction of sex. Our culture has instilled this damaging idea, with rap songs like  "Beat the p**** up" and "Toot it and Boot it" among others. This is harmful for our youth's perception of sexuality. Would you want your daughters goal to be injured during sex as a measure of quality? Or think that good sex is supposed to hurt her? C'mon.This is not compassionate and it is almost backtracking in social ideas about sex in that it doesn't have concern for a woman's needs, but anything goes to satisfy a man even if it means injury.

PETA treated this woman like a "piece of meat". We do not like that expression because it implies that we do not respect meat. We forget that it was living, feeling animal. If PETA wants people to treat animals ethically they must not contribute to the idea that a living things feelings don't matter when it comes to satisfying the appetite of man. This is completely counterproductive. Stupids.

Being vegan, for us, is about healthy lifestyle. It is about feeding our bodies so that they can allow us more happiness with our children. Being healthy can boost your sex life and I hope it would be in a healthy manner of love and compassion instead of this PETA babble bullshit.

And by the way, we called PETA in Dec to report a donkey show at a gentleman's club, and they have never called us back. Don't worry, the Sheriff took interest.


  1. The latest PETA ad, it reminds me in a really creepy and disturbing way of Bella and Edward's wedding night from Breaking Dawn and their overall relationship.

    Edward is a vampire with superhuman strength and he has hurt Bella a number of times, not intentionally but he has hurt her, and she forgives him every time and goes back to him - even when it leaves her injured.

    This ad reminds me of that. It gives the impression that going vegan will give you superhuman strength and it also makes hurting your partner, even if it's unintentional, isn't a big deal because if the sex is good, who gives a crap? It trivializes the subject of violence against women. It's disgusting and shameful. PETA should be ashamed of themselves, especially those who defended this shit ad.

    There is just so much wrong with this ad.

  2. I agree. PETA's communication strategy that all press is good press really goes over the line on this one. I came across a version where someone redid the voice over to actually deal with woman's issues. Shame on you PETA: