Sunday, May 13, 2012

A mothers eternal love

RIP Richard

I carry a heavy heart on this mothers day. A fellow classmate/once a co worker/ friend passed away in Afghanistan. He was set to come home to be with his wife to greet their daughter when she is born. All of the classmates and friends that have passed away all had a sparkle in their eye, and exuded an incredible energy of happiness and love. It's so strange that I find so many similarities between all of them now. 

This mothers day I want to honor the parents and children of these young lost souls.

Life is one fleeting moment after another and we all too often take those moments for granted. This is a reminder for all of us to not live in the future but in the right now. We all worry to much about everything being perfect and focus too much on things that in the end aren't actually important. My father taught me life is about people. Its about your friends, brothers, sisters, daughters and sons. It's about the interconnectedness of our souls that brings humans together.
Life is beautiful even though we have to experience loss and pain.

I pray for Richards wife Hannah, that she can have a beautiful birth and look into her babys eyes and know that Richards body was just housing for an eternal soul that will not be forgotten. Her little girl is an extension of him and is a blessing from god. I pray that she finds the strength to live her life happily and show her baby the beauty in the world, flawed and painful as it can be.

These mothers who have lost a son, or a child are the embodiment of
motherly love, which knows no bounds. Hold your babies close, use your instincts to protect them and love them unconditionally, for love is eternal but life is not.

I dedicate this to Richard McNulty and Monty Chance Fannon and the mothers,wives, and children who miss and love them dearly.

Motherly Love

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